We don’t know whether there was an idea behind the creation of space, Earth, and people. However, we know that there was an idea behind the creation of our Company, and that it still is the inexhaustible inspiration and principal driver of the Company.


We perceive our business as a service through which we build on our good reputation and our brand.

Pavel Kozak

Executive Officer

He is responsible for everything that takes place in the company, he develops business and is in charge of management and planning.

Renata Kozakova

Executive director

She is a typical happiness manager that not only ensures everyone enjoys working in the company, but also its growth and success.

Between stimulus and response lies a space. In that space lie our freedom and power to choose a response. In our response lies our growth and our happiness.

Viktor E. Frankl

Our response

Every day we go one step further – that’s why today we are a modern, agile and highly competent company with values that are hard to find elsewhere in business.

We all have a passion for new, high-tech products with which we successfully do business at home and abroad.

We don’t have to grow competitively every day – but we still manage to form a group of companies that is the foundation of our family business.

We know that we can’t do it without the “people” factor – and that only with a solid team behind us can we always reach our goals faster and with greater satisfaction.

That is who we are. The PEPERLE Group.


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