We don’t know whether there was an idea behind the creation of space, Earth, and people. However, we know that there was an idea behind the creation of our Company, and that it still is the inexhaustible inspiration and principal driver of the Company.


Innovative, flexible, and reliable partner since 1993.

We are a Czech business and consulting company based on family principles, which we manage and shape in accordance with our open style of management. Our ambition remains to prove time and again that it is possible to honour one’s word and deliver what we have promised. We want to be a source of support in tough times, partners and business friends who are always welcomed by our customers.


We perceive our business as a service through which we build on our good reputation and our brand.

Pavel Kozak

Executive Officer

He is responsible for everything that takes place in the company, he develops business and is in charge of management and planning.

Renata Kozakova

Executive director

She is a typical happiness manager that not only ensures everyone enjoys working in the company, but also its growth and success.

"Between stimulus and response is our greatest power – the freedom to choose."

Stephen R. Covey

Business & Partnership

The Peperle Group is a professional in new car distribution, with decades of experience.

Discovering New Cars

Supply and demand shift quickly in the international car trade, but we know exactly where to look. Delivering quality new cars in such a dynamic market at a competitive price is our specialty.

Opportunity Leverage

Thanks to our wealth of experience, we spot new trends as soon as they appear. We see challenges as new opportunities and are always ready to steer our energy in the right direction.

Car Finding

We have proven over and over again to be able to provide the right cars at the right time. Our goal is to fully satisfy our customers and partners. Let us do the hard work for you.

B2B Partnerships

Peperle is a reliable and serious business partner. We are all about efficiency. Our happy customers, car rental and leasing companies, garage owners, and car dealers are living proof. Let’s talk about what we can do together.


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